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How many carers are on each shift?

There are usually four carers each morning and two in the afternoon; however, this may vary, relative to the number of residents and their dependency.

Do I need to supply my toiletries, etc.?

An account can be set up at the local chemist and we can bring your toiletries to you; alternatively, your visitors are welcome to bring them when they come to see you.

Can I have money available to me?

Of course. Money can be brought in for you, though we strongly suggest it is kept in the Abbas Combe Office safe until needed.

Is there a visiting chiropodist?

Yes; the chiropodist visits Abbas Combe every six weeks, attending to all your needs.

Does a hairdresser regularly visit the home?

Every fortnight our regular hairdresser visits Abbas Combe, though you are welcome to invite your own hairdresser to visit. Prices for the hairdressing service are available on request.

Do I need to bring towels/sheets, etc.?

Linen and materials of this nature is wholly provided by Abbas Combe. We launder all linen on site and therefore only your clothing is needed, though we do ask that each garment is clearly marked with residents’ name or room number.

Are there fixed visitor times?

No. You’re warmly welcome to visit at any time, and will be offered refreshments whenever you come to Abbas Combe.

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